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    Maria's Egg and Potatoe Pie
    with Side Greens

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    Romaine Stalk with Cherry Tomatoe Tabbouleh Hummus

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    Goat Cheese Topped
    Veggie Burger
    on Lettuce Bed

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    Chef's Choice Soup of the Day

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    Zucchini Wrapped Grilled Tofu
    (with or without Goat Cheese)
    and Pesto Topping

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    Grand Opening!

    The Organic Fountain Opens on June 3rd
    Stop by for tasty organic food!

"Organic Food for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit"

The Organic Story

After a rushed and traumatic surgery to remove a cancerous tumor enveloping her colon, my mother Maria Ray was told that in order to survive cancer free she would be required to receive chemo-therapy treatments that would destroy her body’s healthy tissues and systems along with the cancerous cells.

Her choices were simple, the medical professionals insisted, either suffer through the procedures and hope, or allow the cancer to return and die . . .


Company News

The Organic Fountain is For Sale. For more information call: (321) 720-1569